GE Circuit Breakers: The Reliable Choice for Electrical Professionals

Understanding GE Circuit Breakers

GE, a trusted name in electrical components, offers a diverse range of circuit breakers designed to meet various electrical needs. Here, we focus on four key models:

  1. GE THQP115 Circuit Breaker
    • Amperage: 15A
    • Voltage: 120/240V
    • Type: Thin, 1-pole
    • Features: The THQP115 is a space-saving solution ideal for tight electrical panels. Its slim design does not compromise performance, ensuring reliable protection against overcurrent and short circuits.
  2. GE THQP120 Circuit Breaker
    • Amperage: 20A
    • Voltage: 120/240V
    • Type: Thin, 1-pole
    • Features: Similar to the THQP115, the THQP120 offers robust protection with a higher amperage rating, making it suitable for circuits requiring slightly more power.
  3. GE THQL1115 Circuit Breaker
    • Amperage: 15A
    • Voltage: 120/240V
    • Type: Standard, 1-pole
    • Features: The THQL1115 is known for its durability and ease of installation. Its standard design fits seamlessly into most electrical panels, providing consistent protection.
  4. GE THQL2115 Circuit Breaker
    • Amperage: 15A
    • Voltage: 120/240V
    • Type: Standard, 2-pole
    • Features: For applications requiring a two-pole breaker, the THQL2115 offers double the protection with the same reliability, making it perfect for larger electrical loads.

GE Arc Fault Breakers: No More Nuisance Tripping

One of the common issues with arc fault circuit breakers (AFCIs) across various brands is nuisance tripping. This occurs when the breaker trips without any actual fault, leading to unnecessary interruptions and frustration. However, GE’s arc fault breakers are engineered to virtually eliminate nuisance tripping. With advanced technology and precise detection mechanisms, GE AFCIs distinguish between harmless and hazardous electrical arcs, ensuring that your system remains protected without unwarranted interruptions.

Same Panel Space, Twice the Circuits

In modern electrical installations, optimizing panel space is crucial. GE’s tandem and quad breakers, such as the THQLQ151515, THQLT1515, and THQLT1520, allow you to double the number of circuits without requiring additional panel space. These breakers are code compliant and compatible with both new and existing single-phase ABB and GE panels. By using these innovative breakers, electrical professionals can maximize their panel efficiency, reduce installation time, and ensure robust circuit protection in a compact form factor.

Unmatched Supply Reliability

In today’s market, supply chain disruptions have caused significant shortages of electrical components, affecting brands like Homeline, Siemens, and Eaton. Electricians and contractors often find themselves waiting for weeks, if not months, for essential parts. GE, however, has managed to navigate these challenges remarkably well. With a robust supply chain and strategic manufacturing processes, GE ensures that their circuit breakers are readily available when you need them. This reliability is a testament to GE’s commitment to supporting electrical professionals and maintaining uninterrupted service.

Why Choose GE Circuit Breakers?

Choosing GE circuit breakers means opting for quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Here’s why GE stands out:

  • Performance: GE breakers are designed to deliver optimal performance, ensuring your electrical systems run smoothly and safely.
  • Innovation: With advanced features like reduced nuisance tripping in AFCIs, GE stays ahead of the curve in electrical protection technology.
  • Availability: In an industry plagued by supply shortages, GE’s consistent availability ensures your projects stay on track.
  • Trust: GE’s long-standing reputation in the electrical industry means you can trust their products to meet your highest standards.


For electrical contractors, reliability and availability are key. GE circuit breakers, including the THQP115, THQP120, THQL1115, and THQL2115, offer the performance and dependability you need. Coupled with the superior technology in their arc fault breakers and an unwavering supply chain, GE is the go-to choice for electrical professionals looking to keep their projects running smoothly and efficiently. Make the switch to GE circuit breakers and experience the difference in quality and reliability.

Optimize Your Electrical Systems with GE

Ready to upgrade your electrical components? Explore our selection of GE circuit breakers at Evolt Electrical Supply. Ensure your projects are protected by the best in the industry.

Q115 Siemens

Top 5 Circuit Breakers for Residential Use

When it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system, choosing the right circuit breakers is crucial. Circuit breakers protect your home from electrical fires and damage by interrupting the flow of electricity when a fault is detected. Here are our top five recommendations for residential circuit breakers in Canada.

1. Siemens Q115 Circuit Breaker

The Siemens Q115 circuit breaker is a top choice for residential use. Known for its reliability and performance, this 15-amp single-pole circuit breaker is designed to protect your electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits. Its compact design makes it easy to install in various electrical panels, and it’s compatible with Siemens load centers. For more details and to purchase the Siemens Q115, visit our product page.

2. Square D QO115 Circuit Breaker

Square D’s QO115 circuit breaker is another excellent option for residential applications. This 20-amp breaker is renowned for its high-quality construction and quick response time, ensuring your home’s electrical system is always protected.

3. Eaton BR115 Circuit Breaker

Eaton’s BR115 circuit breaker offers reliable protection with its 15-amp rating. This breaker is designed for easy installation and is compatible with most standard load centers, making it a versatile choice for homeowners.

4. GE THQP115 Circuit Breaker

The GE THQP115 circuit breaker provides excellent protection for residential circuits. With a 20-amp rating, this breaker is suitable for various applications, from lighting to outlets, ensuring your home’s electrical system remains safe and functional.

5. Homeline CHOM115 Circuit Breaker

Homeline CHOM115 circuit breaker is a dependable choice for residential electrical systems. This 15-amp breaker is designed to protect against overloads and short circuits, offering peace of mind for homeowners looking to maintain a safe electrical environment.

By choosing the right circuit breakers for your home, you can ensure a safe and efficient electrical system. For more information on the Siemens Q115 and other top-quality circuit breakers, visit our product page.

Networking Components

Evolt Network Solutions: Powering Your Performance with Premier Components

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the efficiency and reliability of your network infrastructure are pivotal. At Evolt Electrical Supply, we provide not just components but solutions that ensure your operational excellence and technological leadership. Our range of high-quality network components, including patch cables, patch panels, keystone jacks, and more, set us apart from industry giants like Anixter. Here’s how our offerings empower your connectivity and business growth.

Precision and Reliability in Every Connection

Patch Cables: Our premium patch cables are the lifeline for your network’s reliability. Available in Cat 5e, Cat 6, and fiber optic options, these cables ensure high-speed, seamless data transmission crucial for maintaining robust connectivity across all your devices. Experience uninterrupted performance that keeps pace with your daily demands.

Patch Panels: Organize and enhance your network with our versatile patch panels. Choose from options including 24-port and 48-port configurations, available in Cat 5e, Cat 6, and fiber optic. These panels facilitate easy management and scalability of your network connections, making system modifications smoother and more efficient.

Secure and Stable Connections

Keystone Jacks and Connectors: Guarantee stable performance and secure connections with our keystone jacks and connectors. Designed for ease of use and durability, these components support Cat 5e, Cat 6, and other standards, ensuring your network’s integrity in every plug-in.

Wall Jacks and Outlets: Elevate the convenience and aesthetics of your network installations with our sleek wall jacks and outlets. Perfect for both home and office settings, they provide easy access points for network connections while maintaining a clean and organized space.

Optimized Infrastructure and Immersive Experience

Media Enclosures and Screen Mounts: Secure and display your AV equipment stylishly with our media enclosures and screen mounts. Ideal for home theaters, offices, and commercial environments, these solutions protect and showcase your technology with an eye for design and functionality.

Server Racks and Enclosures: Our server racks and enclosures offer robust and adaptable solutions for housing your critical servers and networking gear. Available in various sizes and configurations, they meet diverse needs, from small businesses to large data centers, ensuring your equipment is secure and your space optimized.

Enrich Your Space with Superior Sound

Home Audio: Transform your auditory experience with our state-of-the-art home audio systems. From crystal-clear speakers to powerful soundbars, our range of audio products delivers exceptional sound quality that elevates any home entertainment setup.

The Evolt Advantage: Beyond Components

Choosing Evolt means you’re opting for a partnership that values your success as much as you do. We don’t just sell network components; we provide a comprehensive ecosystem of support and innovation that drives your projects forward.

Call to Action: Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Contact Evolt Electrical Supply today and discover how our superior network solutions can empower your connectivity and help you lead in your industry.

Power Your Business Forward: Why Switching to Evolt Electrical Supply is a Game-Changer for Electricians

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  1. Forge Relationships That Power Success:
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  2. Leverage Competitive Bids to Maximize Savings:
    Here’s a strategy that savvy business owners like you can’t afford to ignore. Sending out your material lists to get competitive bids, including one from Evolt, isn’t just about finding the lowest price—it’s about signaling to suppliers that you’re an informed buyer who values both quality and cost-effectiveness. Evolt stands ready to offer competitive pricing, ensuring you’re getting the best deal without compromising on quality. It’s about making smart choices, and that’s where Evolt excels.
  3. Scrutinize to Optimize:
    Now, I know you’re diligent about your business, but here’s a little reminder: always check your invoices. It’s not just about catching errors; it’s about sending a message that you’re on top of your game. Suppliers like Evolt respect that, and it encourages them to keep their pricing sharp and fair. It’s about fostering a relationship based on mutual respect and accountability.
  4. Embrace Transparency for Trust:
    Using standardized or published prices, especially for change orders or service work, can enhance your credibility with clients. Evolt supports this transparency, providing you with a foundation to build trust with your clients. They understand that when your clients trust you, you do more business, and when you do more business, you buy more from them. It’s transparency that builds trust, and trust builds business.
  5. Technology is Your Ally:
    In this digital age, not leveraging technology is like leaving money on the table. Evolt offers cutting-edge tools and services that make comparing prices, tracking inventory, and managing orders a breeze. Imagine having all your pricing and product information at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about saving time, and time is money.

So, why not make the switch to Evolt Electrical Supply? It’s not just about buying from a different supplier; it’s about upgrading to a business partner that supports your growth, understands your challenges, and is committed to your success. Let’s make your business not just survive but thrive. Are you ready to power up your procurement strategy with Evolt? Let’s do this together.