Selling on Evolt

We offer two options for going to market!

An Auction Listing 

Buy and Sell your products in the auction section of the Evolt Marketplace. Authorized sellers can be existing customers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and trade contractors.


Benefits to Sellers:

  • Buyers are experienced since the platform is industry related
  • Assurance that your products will be sold at fair market value
  • Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility

Benefits to Buyers:

  • Products are usually purchased below trade price
  • The Buyer can view the Seller history and delivery/product ratings
  • Buyers know they are competing fairly and on the same terms as all other Buyers

Did you hear about the waste in the electrical industry recently? Yes, wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and even contractors are sitting on millions of dollars worth of electrical products that is collecting dust and may even end up in the landfills. Why not buy or sell those items at a reduced rate and help everyone throughout the industry?

A Marketplace Listing 

Sell your products in the main catalog section of the Evolt Website. Authorized vendors can be wholesale distributors, manufacturers, value added contractors, and specialty service providers.

Note: Log out of your account and then click the link below to start selling as a vendor