When we started this company we previously were running a branch of a large national electrical distributor and we saw firsthand how broken the system is!! The big boys run this business they control brands and prices for other smaller independent distributors. This is not a free market!

To prove that statement, I only ask you to walk into any large chain of electrical distributors and look at the brand of metal boxes they carry. Once you see they ALL carry Iberville/T&B you should ask yourself, how do I know I am getting the right price for this product?  I’ll let you come up with that answer when you pay $7 for a $2 dollar box. 

As a company and individuals we really want to help our customers succeed and working in that broken system was preventing us from doing that! We wanted to do better! We like our customers, you are hard-working people, like us! That is and always will be our motivation. 

So what can you do about it?  You can do exactly what we did when we saw it and tried to change it. Become a disruptive factor!  Rebel! 

As a distributor, we have been working hard to break up some back-door deals and kickbacks to foreign executives that run the national distributors. We have been trying to go back to the old way of distributing, in a new way, where we buy bulk and give our customers the best deal we can so you can win more business which in turn should win us more business. This method offers a level playing field for all customers.  The simple plan right? I wish! 

As some of you know we just can’t get to the spot we need to be to play in pipe and wire. As these manufacturers support the big guys and I understand why they have the volume. Some vendors that we deal with see the future of a company like ours and support us the best they can but the big boys are constantly pressing them to raise our prices (in turn raising yours!) so they can keep the business and drive us out. 

So what can you do about it? How can you make your future brighter? My ask to you is to use us for everything! I know that is a big ask!  But until we can have the sales volume behind us the big guys will always win!  In turn, making construction costs higher for all Canadians and driving fat profits for foreign investors. 

If it is not possible for you to drive all your business to us, which I understand is a big ask!  I then ask for your support on anything you can, even if it seems small, every bit counts towards our overall volume. Which helps our negotiating power. What if we are the higher-priced option right now?  I still ask for the business as I know we will not be high forever. Typically if we are it is because we are being controlled by outside pressures (large nationals) through our manufacturers. By buying from them because they have a lower price you support their high price-fixing schemes. I know that sounds counterintuitive but until we have the business the big guys control us sometimes. 

We promise we will work hard to keep your prices down and continue to break monopolies in our industry.  We also promise to work to provide exceptional service. 

I have no doubt our business is the future, imagine your electrical goods delivered the same day or the next day when ordered online all over Canada. No negotiation, no driving, no standing in line, and no employee downtime! This is our goal! Help us to bring and build you this future! 

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