I think we all can agree walking on a cold floor is not the best feeling and floor heat absolutely enhances our walking experience! 

As I talk to electricians about floor heat I am shocked that so many of you have given this up to the floor layers. As much as I understand it is easier to hand this off as they are at the site during the installation timing. I feel we are doing our customers a disservice when we let unskilled trades install our products. Have you ever offered to install a toilet? Or flooring? 

It also “cheapens” our trade if a floor layer with no schooling or training can install our products. Also, I have never heard of a floor layer pulling a permit for floor heat so now you are responsible for this installation? Who inspects it? Who gets the call if it is not installed right? 

Floor heat is a fantastic place to make money! This is an extra that you and your builder can both make some money on. Plus the installation is not hard at all with a cable kit! All you need to do is offer it and say you will install it as it falls under your permit. 

If you are new to floor heat here are some tips! 


As you are already supplying the power, adding a cable kit or mat with labour is the easy part! 

One trick is to price by the cost of a mat system (as many floor companies will do this because it is easy) and then install a cable kit. This gives you lots of profit dollars as the mats are over double the cost of a cable kit and the labour is not that much more once you know what you are doing. Plus it gives a custom install so your customer gets a better end product with no cold spots.

You can also break it down by square foot but on smaller jobs be careful to change more per square or to have a minimum charge, but that is good advice for anything you install.   

Install Tips:

Many flooring companies are using the new underlay that the cable just clips into. This is a very easy install as you just loop it and clip it in this underlay. 

If they are using a traditional subfloor and will pour a self-leveller. You can use the edge spacers in the kit and a hot glue gun. This method is so easy! Hot glue is used to hold the cable in place until the self-leveller is installed. With hot glue, you can quickly hold the cable in place and install a bathroom in under an hour. No more fighting the cable. Make sure you invest in a high-quality glue gun that can keep up with the demand. They are not expensive. Some are even cordless! 

I know many of our customers are still very busy but I think there will eventually come a time when we will need more work on every job to stay busy. Or maybe you want to do more work for a great builder you work with and drop someone else.  Floor heat can be one of the upsells you use to have more work for your crew. It also can add thousands of dollars to a job with great margins! 

Our floor heat can be hard to find on the website sometimes so I added a link here: https://evolt.ca/devices/heating/floor-warming-cables/